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Park Board Approves Paver Replacement at The Depot

The Depot

With the goal of increasing accessibility to The Depot, a historic building situated in Wild Meadows Trace, the Park Board approved the replacement of The Depot’s pavers at the Monday, February 27, 2017 meeting, at a cost of $22,320. The new pavers will provide a continuous, smooth surface and improve ADA accessibility. The existing bricks have ¾” gaps or wider, are uneven and are beginning to chip.

Park Board Approves Drafting of Amendment to Ban Tobacco on all District Property

The March 13 Park Board Meeting saw discussion over changes to the District’s Park and Facility User Ordinance, specifically an amendment to ban tobacco use on District property. Based on the information presented by the Board Policy Committee at the meeting, the Park Board approved moving forward with the drafting of an amendment which bans tobacco use on all District property except at the Sugar Creek Golf Course, which would be excluded at this time due to the intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Villa Park.

Mild Winter Brings Golfers Out to Sugar Creek

The 2017 season at Sugar Creek Golf Course kicked off to a memorable start this January due to warmer winter temperatures. Over 900 rounds of golf were played in January and February this year, more than doubling last year’s numbers during the same time period.

This number is especially impressive given the very condensed schedule that Sugar Creek operates on during the winter season, due to early sunsets making the playing time window small compared to the rest of the year.

Park Board Approves Plunkett Park Playground Redevelopment Project

Plans for the redevelopment of Plunkett Park playground moved forward at the Monday, March 13 Park Board meeting, with the Board approving both the Plunkett Park Playground Redevelopment Project and the Plunkett Park Playground Safety Surfacing Project. Plunkett Park playground is next on the District’s replacement schedule and the project will ensure that the playground continues to comply with current safety standards and ADA accessibility requirements.

Tree Pruning and Removal Wrapping Up Along Illinois Prairie Path

Visitors to the Illinois Prairie Path will have noticed some changes to the tree landscape recently. ComEd’s tree contractor is doing line clearance work along the Illinois Prairie Path from Spring Road to I-290. The majority of the trimming has been completed at this time, with tree removals expected to be completed sometime next week. Most of the trees that will be removed are undesirable due to the extreme pruning for line clearance in the past. For more information, contact us at (630) 993-8915.

Monarch Waystations Make Elmhurst a Migration Destination for Butterflies

The annual migration of hundreds of millions of monarchs from the United States and Canada to Mexico is a natural wonder that Elmhurst residents can see play out each year. Recently, concern regarding this migration pattern has increased, as the loss of habitat areas for the monarchs has affected their breeding areas and destinations.

Much of the habitat loss is estimated to be due to development and the widespread use of herbicides, both of which lead to the decline of milkweeds and nectar sources which monarchs consume.